Multidimensional metrological solutions

Keeping up with the times and ensuring the customer the highest quality of the product is essential to be competitive. For this reason Saiph continues to invest in the latest technology to constantly control the production of all its products.


Measuring machine

Zeiss Accura 14

Depth: 1,600mm

Length: 2,400mm

Height: 1,400mm

Weight: 3500Kg max per piece


We have an air-conditioned 20° metrology room that allows our technicians to monitor the quality of a product and certify its compliance with the standards.

Materials testing is carried out through non-destructive testing with qualified and certified personnel for visual inspection, magnetic control and penetrating fluids according to UNI EN ISO 9712:12 and with manual dimensional control using micrometers, gauges, bore gauges and anything else necessary in order to verify compliance with the tolerances on the project.

In addition, we have the possibility of detecting the dimensions and center distances on machined and non-machined mechanical parts by using portable coordinate measuring machines such as the FARO CAM2 3D measuring arm.