Industrial sandblasting and coating of mechanical parts are fundamental services among those offered by Saiph. These processes are an integral part of the process of maintenance or renewal of a component, because they greatly prevent the problem of surface rust.

Sandblasting cleans surfaces from residues and deposits and allows to obtain a matte and rough finish that provides a good grip for the coating, carried out in the booth according to all the specifications requested by the customer.

In collaboration with Servigen Srl, temperature controlled painting and manual sandblasting are carried out.

Surface preparation

  • dry sandblasting
  • micro dry sandblasting
  • wet sandblasting
  • bicarbonate sandblasting
  • micro blasting with bicarbonate
  • sandblasting with metal grits
  • hydro-sandblasting with hydrodynamic system
  • picketing, scraping and brushing with pneumatic tools

Surface protections

  • cold galvanizing
  • application of coatings with high chemical and physical resistance
  • treatment on industrial carpentry
  • protection of rusty iron

Power wash with special high-pressure cleaners

  • hydrodynamic cleaning